I’m So Lucky

I’m glad to have people looking out for me, especially the guys who realized my sat-nav/stereo head unit was approaching six months old. After returning home from a fun St. Patrick’s Day in downtown Denver I turned in early-ish. About 2:30 AM I was awakened by the sound of my vehicle alarm and looked out the window next to the bed just in time to see a car speeding away from my truck. Yep, I had been hit again. Might even have been the same guys as last time, too, based on the speed and manner of the robbery.
Oops, they did it again

To make matters worse, the weather-predictors say that we should expect light rain overnight tonight. In the past I’ve had the window replaced the following morning after the crime. This time it’s Sunday and there is apparently not a single glass shop open in the Denver metro area today. I improvised with a large sheet of plastic and some duct tape (I knew my Okie upbringing would come in handy some day).

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