Side-swiped by a shop-vac. Really.

An idiot side-swiped my truck as it was parked on the street in front of my house. He had a shop-vac in the bed piled on top of tree limbs and the vac slid off the side of the truck, swinging by its A/C cord. Whacked my driver-side door hard enough to set off the alarm. The result is just a few scratches but they’re down through the clear coat layer so they need to be repaired and repainted.

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  1. Well that sucks. Big time. Careless people suck.

    My one and only ever accident? A lawn mower totaled the entire quarter-panel of my first brand-new car on the second day I owned it. I have a friend who had a $1,000 repair bill from a paper mâché ice cream cone that was knocked off a parade float flew through the air and landed on her car – the interior was chicken wire and gouged the roof of her car.

    I wonder if there’s a site or blog dedicated to auto damage caused by things other than other cars/weather/keys? There are probably some good stories out there.

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