Happy Birthday Fabi

Fabienne turns ten today* and believes the Independence Day celebrations are in her honor.


* I estimated her birth date to around 4 July 2007. I picked the Fourth as it’s easy to remember.

I’m just lucky we didn’t see any squirrels on our walk

I am dog sitting for my friends for a few days and even though it’s been hot the dogs needed a walk tonight. We obviously did not see any vermin because I still have both arms.

The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos

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A quick photo of Emily, Lucy and Fabi at the summit of Boreas Pass. Yes, Lucy was still wearing a soft cast at this point. About a week after this photo was taken, the vet removed Lucy’s bandage completely and so far everything looks good. She places the foot “correctly” now and does not appear to be rolling and slapping the bottom of her foot, which was the cause of the ulcers.

She’s still on “light activity” for a while as she learns to live with fused bones and a titanium plate in her leg.

First Swim of 2010

I took the doggies out o the North Platte river near Deckers, CO, for the first official swim of 2010. Lucy didn’t do any swimming last year due to her leg injury so I was curious to see how quickly she would take to the water.

After wading in a few times she finally got caught in the current and swam enough to get back to shore. After that she repeatedly waded out to the deeper water and drifted downstream with the current, and even went out in the river alone a few times.

Who wouldn't love Colorado?