Meet Lucy

As much as I walk Fabi and take her to the park, she still needed more activity. Since I have to work for a living, there was not much chance of that, so I decided I would get her a companion that she could play with and wrestle with during the day while I am working.
I went down to the Colorado Puppy Rescue adoption event Saturday to get a 5-week-old black lab mix puppy that I had seen on their web site, but when I arrived and saw this cute yellow lab/Maremma sheep dog female, I knew she was the one. She’s 11 weeks old and rescued from a kill shelter in Las Vegas NM. I named her Lucero, which I shortened to Lucy.

Lucy and Fabi have become good buddies and have been playing constantly since she arrived. I think I made a good choice.

Cute overload

Fighting over the Kong

Lucy sleeps a lot