I’m just lucky we didn’t see any squirrels on our walk

I am dog sitting for my friends for a few days and even though it’s been hot the dogs needed a walk tonight. We obviously did not see any vermin because I still have both arms.


Saturday while the dogs and I were playing in the South Platte River, Lucy picked up an old fish hook in her leg. She didn’t act like anything was bothering her and I didn’t find it until Sunday morning while I was petting her. One of the barbs of the hook was underneath skin and I was not sure I could get it out without making a bigger problem. Since the area was not swollen or tender I decided we would wait until today to visit the vet.

The vet also was unable to back the hook out so she decided to numb the area with a local anesthetic and cut the hook out with a scalpel. Once the hook was removed the incision site was stapled shut and cleaned up a bit. Lucy was patient and calm through he whole process. After a week of antibiotics the staples will be removed.

Staples in Lucy's Leg

Road Trip

Today the dogs and I took a road trip to Eleven Mile Canyon recreation area (where they swam and romped and played).
Fabi Diving For Rocks In The River

Lucy Swimming at Eleven Mile Canyon

Once the playing was done I drove them over to Buena Vista where I checked out Eddyline Brewing Co. The beer was very tasty and the pizza looked good. The first beer I tasted was a raspberry wheat which was pretty tasty. It did not have an overwhelming fruity taste to it and was satisfying. The next beer was their Crank Yanker IPA that turned out to be one of the better IPAs I’ve tasted. I had a meatball sub sandwich to go with the beers instead of pizza, ostensibly to avoid all those “carbs and calories.” I wish I had ordered pizza… Anyway, the food did the job I intended: it soaked up the beer. Also, I picked up a new t-shirt in the process. This is definitely a place to which I will return.

Eddyline Brewing

After BV, it was off to Salida and another brewery: Elevation Beer Co. While the location out by the fairgrounds is a bit too far from the main part of town for my liking, it did offer gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains… or at least, on a clearer day it would. The West Fork fires were pushing smoke all the way into the Salida area on this day. I tried their First Cast IPA while I sat on their “patio” with the dogs. I used quotation marks around patio since their entire outdoor area was crushed gravel.

Elevation beer Co.

I tried to purchase a t-shirt here, too, but they told me they had limited supplies… nothing in my size. “I guess I’ll have to come back again,” I told the bartender.